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Samantha Jo
Another birthday.
here goes nothing.
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Sarcasm can be very dangerous.
So can metaphores.
So can life.

So can life.

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This is kind of liberating.
I don't know if anyone I know reads this.
At least I don't think they do.

It's a kind of freedom to know I can write something that really matters.
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Oh, the things I get myself into.

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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I just got offered a teaching position for the summer at Meyer Music.
It's nothing fantastic... 6 weeks... someone else's students.
It's not a bad gig. Plus it gives me a chance to get involved this summer.
I made a pact with myself. At least an hour every day.
This shouldn't be hard for someone previously in their life glued to a cello.
GOD what happened to my life. I just want it back.
I think I have just been really lazy lately, and preoccupied.
I need to get the lead out of my ass.

In other news.... I made a decision this week.
I will apply to Lawrence University in Appleton, WI for Fall 2007.
If I don't get in... I don't get in.

I will miss my sisters a great deal... but there are sisters at Lawrence [ They are the Xi chapter there, so they have a rich tradition I can imagine], and I have already contacted one of them and asked for their guidance.

I hope this all works out for the better.
If anything else... it's inspiring me to attempt this whole life thing again.
I let it ruin my idea of myself once. I'm not going to do it again.

p.s. i like lj a lot.

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful
Current Music: A cello. It's all you need.

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I wish I could get enough energy to practice.
Summer is such a horrible time for me.
And I wish I were doing something productive I cared about.
Not something counter-productive only my mom cares about.
Sure, working is good. But music is better.
I don't want this summer to turn out like last summer.

Maybe it wont.

Maybe it's already better.

It's probably already better.

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