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I am a proud Democrat. And nothing will ever change that. Ever. - Samantha Jo
I am a proud Democrat. And nothing will ever change that. Ever.
Watching Fahrenheit 9/11 has re-confirmed in me every single belief I have in this world.

It also made me HATE being an American. It made me HATE everything America stands for. It made me HATE America for letting W. Bush ruin our Country for 4 years, and then deciding to let him ruin it for 4 more.

You can't spread freedom with opression.

It's not your JOB to spread your idea of freedom everywhere.
It's your job to protect this country! To provide for the welfare of the people who live HERE.
It's not your JOB to fix every country in the fucking world. It's your JOB to fix this country, right here.
You want this world to be better? Why don't you start fixing the country you live in. Don't be a super hero Bush. (You aren't cut out for it.)

Why are other countries more important than the one you were elected (however faulty)to protect!!!

Don't waste our money, and our lives, and risk our freedom to put money in your pocket!!

You want to enforce freedom? You want to rid of oppressive rulers?

Impeach your fucking self George W. Bush.

Gas is going to go up to $3.11 here in KC in the next week or so.

And to that I say... dutifully: FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!

I'm all for taxes, and I'm all for giving money to the government. But for the RIGHT fucking reasons. To give people HERE food. To give people HERE jobs. To give people HERE rights.

But I am NOT for spending $50 to fill up my car with fossil fuels that ruins our environment, our ecosystem, and my bank account so that you all all of your buddies in D.C. can keep all that money in your pockets.

Want to do something right? Why don't you support alternative fuel sources? Why don't you revise your "masterful" plan of social security? Why don't you support health care?

Oh that's right. You're too busy deciding if gay people can legally claim their love for each other, and enjoy the SIMPLE rights you enjoy and take for granted every day. And you're busy deciding if I should be allowed to show my disrespect for you by burning a flag. (Which by the way Bushie, no one would burn if you knew how to run a fucking country.) And the Piece du Resistance.... you're too busy deciding what I can do with MY OWN BODY!!!!

I hate you, and I hate what you have done to this country that I USED to be proud to call my home.

No longer Bush. I have lost my faith in the American people to select a leader.

This country was in the hands of a Democrat before you. And I HOPE-to- GOD this country is in the hands of a Democrat LONG after you.

Clinton may have been unfaithful to his wife. But you have been unfaithful to an entire country.

And for that, I will NEVER forgive you.

Current Mood: enraged enraged

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candyhearts13 From: candyhearts13 Date: July 16th, 2006 09:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
I like you because you are 1, extremely intelligent, 2, poised and sure of the things you say and 3, amazing.

Now, a letter to gas prices:
Dear Gas Prices,
Please, fuck me in the ass. I mean, why not? You've been doing it already for several years.
Love, Melanie

I'm not a democrat- but I'm also not a republican.
I seriously think that American citizens should take a closer look at Libertarian-ism (is that even a word?) Because, well, they seem to have their shit together, and we're fighting over lame excuses for political causes.

President Bush spends his time looking at the trees and not the forest. He can't see past the little baby issues and see what he's really doing to our country....Now, I'll admit that I voted for him-- but I'll blame that on my faulty viewpoint of seeing too much good and potential in people. I thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he would spend his last four years in office making things better, improving our country. Instead, he played golf and ran the White House track a lot. I voted for him because I didn't think we needed to change Commander in Chief in the middle of a(n obviously fucking stupid pointless) war.

Again, I like you. You're fun.

Even if you are a democrat. ;)
sai_cellohead From: sai_cellohead Date: July 16th, 2006 10:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
No, I totally Agree! I have looked into Libertarianism quite a bit actually, and found some of it's values (particularly economic ones) to be disagreeable.

While other ones, I agree with 100%, (such as anti-violence, freedom of self and personal property, views on censorship, etc.)and seem to be at the very core of everything I believe.

Basically it boils down to this: I believe the government should step up, and do their job as a government to protect the welfare and and rights of it's citizens. I also believe that taxes are vital to growth of the economy. If you have more money than you honestly need, it seems only fair to me you use it to assist those who have none at all. It should be the governments job to collect taxes to assist the poor, unemployed, and provide federal programs to better the life of Americans. This, sadly, is where Libertarianism fails me. :(
From: tyrel_roo Date: July 18th, 2006 04:54 am (UTC) (Link)
What.. exactly is libertarianism, anyway? I have yet to figure that out.
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